In prep for the release of their reboot of the popular Jack Ryan series, Amazon teamed up with VICE to find and document the real life versions of Tom Clancy's American folk hero.  

The fictional Jack Ryan has a keen eye for decoding fraud and is always able to diffuse threats in the field. Former CIA special agent, Nic McKinley, shares those same qualities. He spent his career running a high profile unit that operated in some of the most dangerous locations in the world. Nic tells us about cheating death as he tried to maintain his cover infiltrating terrorists organizations and why he is now running an anti-human trafficking organization.

The animated short features Aki Peritz, who, like Jack Ryan was a renowned researcher at the agency before he was thrust into the field. In this film, Aki shares the story of his first experience in Iraq. 

Press: Top 10 Branded Partnership of the Year, AdAge

Role: Producer, Photographer

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